Built Environment

Academic Courses

Course name: Masters of Science Degree (MSc)/Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate in Accessibility and Inclusive Design
Institution: University of Salford, United Kingdom (UK)
Course descriptor: Accessibility and Inclusive Design is a distance-learning programme run by the SURFACE Inclusive Design Research Centre. Offering three levels of postgraduate award, it is aimed at professionals from a range of backgrounds – including planning, architecture, access auditing, health and social care – and is suitable for studying part-time while employed (anywhere in the world). Modules place an emphasis on 'live' problems, using real-world techniques and instruments; enabling students to undertake projects in their own area of expertise, as well as widen their understanding of the needs of others, be they clients, users, planners, designers or health professionals. Many students remain within their field of expertise to facilitate change and improve professional standards; others move into specialist disciplines, such as access consultancy.

Course name: MSc Degree in Inclusive Design

Institution: Coventry University, UK
Course Descriptor: This course promotes the aims of the British Standard on Inclusive Design BS7000-6 and embeds them in design activity for products, transport devices and spaces in and around buildings. The course is linked and shares some modules with Design and Transport, Design and Ergonomics and Industrial Product Design. Part of the course content will be available for continuing professional development and short course awareness programmes. This course is closely associated with the Health Design and Technology Institute and makes use of facilities, expertise and collaborations promoted by the HDTI.

Continuous Professional Development Courses

Course title: Access Auditor 3 Day Training Course
Institution:O'Herlihy Access Consultancy
Course Descriptor: This programme introduces participants to the key principles of Universal Access, Universal Design, Disability Access Certificates and Access Auditing to ensure all aspects of the built environment are accessible.

This practical based workshop is highly interactive (videos, discussions, case studies, design appraisals, route appraisals problem-solving of everyday scenarios; examples of everyday barriers faced by people with disabilities etc.) Day two and three of the course aims to build on participants’ existing knowledge and equip them with the skills to carry out a access audit of the built environment and as part of the course participants will carry out an access audit on a chosen building. The audit will be reviewed and graded as part of course.

Course title: Improving Access to the Built Environment including Disability Access Certificates
Institution:O'Herlihy Access Consultancy
Course Descriptor:This programme introduces participants to the key principles of Universal Access, Universal Design and how to develop a Disability Access Certificate, to ensure all aspects of the built environment are accessible. This practical based workshop has been accredited by the Local Government Management Services Board and is eligible for up to 80% FÁS funding for the private sector.

Course title: E-learning Course: Introduction to Universal Design
Institution: Indiana University, Bloomington, Indianapolis, USA.
Course descriptor: The National Center on Accessibility has developed a one-hour e-course as an introduction to the principles of Universal Design for park and recreation practitioners. The free course is offered through the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands online learning site: www.Parktraining.Org

Course title: NCA Training: Universal Approach to Interpretive Planning, Programs and Design, IndianapolisInstitution: Indiana University, Bloomington, Indianapolis, USA.
Course descriptor: This 4-day training course is ideal for interpreters and interpretive planners, educators, accessibility coordinators, program coordinators, curators, and exhibit planners, designers and fabricators. This training program focuses on methods and techniques for developing programs and exhibits that are accessible to people with disabilities. The course will also concentrate on the movement away from minimal accessibility standards and specialized design to the benefits of universal designs that can be utilized by people of all abilities.

Course title: Accessibility Coordinator Training: Accessibility Management for Parks and RecreationInstitution: Indiana University, Bloomington, Indianapolis, USA.
Course descriptor: This NCA training course is designed to give Accessibility Coordinators in parks and recreation the foundation for implementing an accessibility management program. This course is ideal for professionals with newly appointed responsibilities and for those looking to brush up on the latest information for accessibility compliance. Sessions will include discussions of the characteristics and needs of people with disabilities, legislative mandates and litigation, accessibility standards and common errors, the application of Universal Design to park and recreation environments, Program Access, considerations for conducting accessibility assessments, visitor use and marketing, and comprehensive planning.