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Academic Courses

Course title: MA Design Research for Disability
Institution: London Metropolitan University, UK
Course descriptor: The philosophy and rationale of the course is based on the view that disabled people experience physical, environmental and social barriers that restrict their ability to participate fully in society. This course offers a unique opportunity for designers and health professionals to work together in developing desirable products, environments and equipment for the widest possible consumer base, regardless of age and ability.

Course title
: MSc and PGDip in Human Factors for Inclusive Design
Institution: Loughborough University, UK
Course descriptor: The programme in Human Factors for Inclusive Design provides a Human Factors education focusing on human needs in design applications, including systems, workplaces and artefacts, information and communications devices. User-centred methods will be included. The programme incorporates specific study of human requirements, including not only able-bodied adults but also the young, older adults, and people with disabilities. Cultural implications are also considered, and issues in the communication of ergonomics ideas (e.g. To designers) are addressed. This programme is particularly suitable for those who have studied design, has a strong practitioner bias and students are encouraged to undertake their main projects in industry.

Universal customer service design

Course title: Human-Centred Design MSc
Institution: Brunel University West London, UK
Course descriptor: The primary aim of this programme is to equip graduates with the practical knowledge and transferable skills required to be at the forefront of human-centred design research and application in either industrial or academic employment. Graduates will have the independent learning ability required for continuing professional development, further research, and acquiring new skills at the highest level, enabling them to follow a successful career in human-centred design with national and international companies and institutions.

Continuous professional development courses

Course title: Inclusive Product Design - training course
Institution: Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), UK
Course descriptor: Discover how you can meet the needs of people with disabilities through the use inclusive design principles. Most product designers are designing for end users in their late 20s who do not have any disabilities. But customers are more diverse than this. By following an inclusive design approach you can increase your potential market through designing attractive products that most potential customers can use.

Course title: NCA Training: Universal Approach to Interpretive Planning, Programs and Design, Indianapolis

Institution: Indiana University, Bloomington, Indianapolis, USA.
Course descriptor: This 4-day training course is ideal for interpreters and interpretive planners, educators, accessibility coordinators, program coordinators, curators, and exhibit planners, designers and fabricators. This training program focuses on methods and techniques for developing programs and exhibits that are accessible to people with disabilities. The course will also concentrate on the movement away from minimal accessibility standards and specialized design to the benefits of universal designs that can be utilized by people of all abilities.

Course Title
: Masters of Arts Degree (MA) in E-Inclusion
Institution: King's College, London. (UK)
Course descriptor: For all those who are involved with e-Inclusion: the use of technology by and for people with learning difficulties and disabilities. Students will focus on the use of technology for learning, within a broad theoretical framework that acknowledges the social model of inclusion.