Information for students


Third level students in their final two years of study, post grads and recent graduates


Enter your student project. Entries can be made by one student or on behalf of a student project design team.


How it works

Students are invited to enter the best student projects to go for amazing prizes.

Step 1: Register online at

Step 2: Tell us about your student project, and how the design or solution in your project can be used

Step 3: Describe how your solution achieves at least 4 of the 7 Universal Design Principles and their related guidelines

Step 4: Upload supporting images, presentations or videos

That's it!

The UDGC Design Entry Form sent to you will require a brief written statement about how your student project helps to achieve parts of at least 4 out of the 7 Principles of Universal Design. (See the 7 Principles and 29 Guidelines for Universal Design)