DES 1.2 Enhance clarity with good design

Good design will enhance meaning, ease of understanding and general usability. Good design is accessible design and does not equate to dull and boring. It may actually release some of your creative zest.

Support the information through use of images, colour and space:

  • Use informative images and icons to support links;
  • Use relevant images to support the information in passages of text;
  • Use relevant images to break up long 'walls of text';
  • Use colour, space and style to visually segment information into meaningful chunks;
  • Use white space confidently.

Employ good typography to ease reading:

  • Consider verdana and arial - they are both good for online reading:
  • Avoid serif fonts particularly for small text (they can be OK for larger headings;)
  • Use line spacing of around 1.4 - this makes reading easier

Avoid overdesign:

  • Your design should enhance the information not dominate it;
  • Only use things such as Flash, animation and video etc. with good reason, not just for the sake of it (they have their own accessibility challenges.)

Good use of icons. e.g. printer associated with the text printable version   Verdana and Arial are good online fonts. Avoid serif's and fancy fonts particularly for smaller text

Text is easier to read when lines are spaced at about 1.4 line height.