Web accessibility techniques

While accessibility guidelines are essential for setting, examining and referencing a desired level of accessibility, they can be cumbersome to use for anyone other than auditors or other accessibility professionals. The information in this section provides practical, advice and direction for anyone involved in web development, design and content. Topics covered include developing accessible data tables, using colour wisely, writing well structured content and so on.

How to use these resources


Comprehensive advice on the technical implications of web accessibility, with code snippets and cross references to the WCAG and the NDA it accessibility guidelines.


Tailored for web and graphic designers, this section contains specific information on the use of images, colours, multimedia and so on.

Content providers and editors

If you write, edit or manage content for a website, this section covers the issues that affect you. It includes advice on the use of clear and simple language, how to write meaningful alternative text, and so on. The technical aspects of content publishing are excluded and it is assumed that content is published using a template or CMS.