24 Hour Universal Design Hackathon 2015

24:HOUR Universal Design Hackathon 2015

The 24:HOUR< Universal Design Hackathon 2015 took place on 11th and 12 November 2015 as part of the "Universal Design in Education Conference"

Read more about the design brief and the judging criteria. 

Winning design - "Access"

Winner Judges’ Choice Award

Winner People’s Choice Award

Design name: Access

Design concept: “Access” is a redesign for key controlled public restrooms with a RFID card and an easy to understand lock status display.

The design offers a well arranged tactile, pictorial, visual and audio-enhanced user interface with features to accommodate deaf, blind, language-impaired, print-impaired, and generally differently abled users.

Access card

"Access" Team members: Michelle Moura, Colm Bradley, Carl Brinkmann, Muthukumaran Thangaramanujam, Shauna Sweeney, Jannicke Johansen, Barbara Flynn-Franzoni, Daniel Phillips, Sinead Burke (Lead user)

Runners up

Design name: PAPA Packaging

Design concept: PAPA Packaging is a redesign of a line of packages with opening features that are easy to understand.

PAPA packaging

"PAPA Packaging" Team members: Malgorzata (Maggie) Wesolowska, Evan Guilfoyle, Dheepson Brightson, Deimante Stankeviciute, Owen Humphreys, Jodie Rutkowski-Jones, Andrei Scintian, Nick Corish (Lead user)

Design name: U Do Go

Design concept: U Do GO redesigns of the activity of inserting and retrieving tickets at boom gates with an easy to understand extendable ticket.

Card Holder

"U Do Go" Team members: Nicky Bertollo, Orla Walsh, Sean Sheridan, Sue Corcoran, Linda Shore, Martin Bujwid, Neil Gahan, Sharon Kane, Maire Jones (Lead user)

Design name: Hacking the Washing Machine

Design concept: Making household appliance controls easy to understand. Simple things don’t need to be complex! A universal interface could eliminate the clutter of dials, numbers and buttons and minimise complexity.

Washing Machine Display

"Hacking the washing machine" Team members: Lisa-Dionne Morris, Nadia Petrushina, Alan Grincell, Roisin O'Brien, Kevin Leyden, Sarah Morris, Sarah Baird, Patricia Kennedy 

Design name: Render 

Design concept: Render is a redesign of seed packets to make gardening an easy to understand activity. Inspired by a gardener with dementia.


"Render" Team members: Barry Ryan, John Faulkner, Robert Mac Carthy, Joeleen Lynch, Vito Gionatan Lassandro, Laura Masterson, Amy Eccleston, Seamus Cunningham (Lead user)

About the "24:Hour Universal Design Hackathon 2015"

The Brief: "Choose an existing product or service and Redesign it (Hack it) to make it easy to understand during the first time of use for a wide range of users."

The Jury: 

  • Alex Milton Programme Director, Irish Design 2015
  • Ms George Boyle, IDI
  • Garrett Stokes, Catalysto
  • Bill Hunter, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  • Ronan Furlong, Executive Director at DCU Innovation Campus

 Partners and supporters

The 24:HOUR Universal Design Hackathon 2015 was run in conjunction supported by Dublin City University.