Written Communication Design Questions

The following questions are designed to support you in the development of new written communication for members of the public:


  1. Is important information presented in order of importance and in a logical order? For example, is similar information grouped together?
  2. Is important information structured in a way so that it is easy to find? (Using table of contents, headings, sub-headings and so on).
  3. Is the layout consistent? Are recurring features presented in the same location? (For example, page numbers and logos).
  4. Is important information clear, concise and easy to understand the first time it is read?
  5. Is the information written in plain English? Where you must use technical words, have you explained, in plain English, what it means?
  6. Where applicable is the information available in other languages?
  7. Have you avoided using terms, abbreviations or acronyms that may not be familiar to the reader?
  8. Are the symbols and words used familiar to the reader?
  9. Do you present important information in different ways? (For example, using audio, touch or images)
  10. Is the information accessible to people using assistive technologies (such as screen readers)?