Titles and Descriptions

Well-written titles and descriptions help members of the public find your pages using search engines and, once found, encourage them to visit your site.

To write good titles and descriptions:

  • Pick out two or three key phrases that are the most distinctive and typical of your page.
  • Use key phrases and terms that a member of the public is most likely to use.
  • Select a key phrase for your title (fewer than 70 characters).

Descriptions should:

  • Include key phrases, or variations of them, at the start.
  • Be factual, and accurately reflect the content.
  • Be less than 156 characters long, including spaces.

Digital and Web Based Communication Systems and Services

Content Quality Checklist

  • Assign a designated manager with responsibility for content.
  • Put in place a content review process before information is placed on your website.

Links Checklist

Titles Checklist

Descriptions Checklist