Accessing products

The technology products that are being considered for Maureen must be assessed in relation to the relevant functional performance statements identified.

In order to carry out the assessment, ALONE used their existing knowledge of the technology products.

Here, as an example, three different technology products are assessed for their suitability for Maureen. That is, whether they would be usable by Maureen.

  • Technology Product Example 1: Amazon Echo with Alexa voice assistant
  • Technology Product Example 2: Pebbell personal alarm device
  • Technology Product Example 3: minifinder emergency alarm watch

ICT Procurement Guidelines - Alone - Assessing products against Functional Performace Statements

The simple assessment above reveals that the technology products in Examples 1 and 2 would be usable by Maureen, and that further enquiry is required to assess the suitability of Technology Product Example 3.