1.11 Provide descriptions and instructions for all accessibility features

Users should be able to access information about all the accessibility features included in the application. This information should list and describe each feature and provide instructions for using it. Accessibility features will include keyboard equivalents for mouse functions and user-selectable preferences.

It is not necessary to describe the accessibility features provided by the operating system or other third party software. Similar guidelines are:

  • 1.12 Provide accessible documentation, training and support materials


The accessibility features built in to the application may not be apparent at first. Often users do not take advantage of useful functionality because they do not realise it is there. Once having discovered an accessibility feature, users may forget how to access it, so they will need an easy way of finding out.

Directions and Techniques

List access keys and user customisation functions in a single, easily accessible place

Accessibility difficulties often make computer use laborious, so it is best to list all the accessibility features in one place, preferably a simple text file with a table of contents and a search facility.

How you could check for this:

Test with real users

Run user tests in which users have to refer to the descriptions and instructions to learn to use accessibility features.
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