Case Study 2: Audio description reveals the plot

Tina is a 45 year old Irish woman who has been blind since her late 20’s. Her television provider doesn’t offer audio description, but she has heard it and thinks it’s fantastic, so she is considering switching to another provider. Despite the lack of audio description, Tina is a keen TV watcher and a big fan of the British soap opera Coronation Street, which she is able to understand mostly from the dialogue. Until it comes to the crucial cliff-hanger ending ...

I watch Coronation Street three or four times a week.
I’m an avid follower of the soap's machinations and drama but as a blind
person I find the cliff hanger endings completely frustrating. Each week at the
end there is a dramatic scene without any dialogue, then the theme tune comes on
and I’m left without knowing what happened! I have to phone a friend or my
sister who can explain to me what the ending was. Audio description would be so