Case Study 3: Deaf customer faces multiple issues

Emer is a 38 year old woman who is deaf. When she ordered her TV service online she mentioned that she is deaf and asked that they contact her by email and/or text message. Despite this, they rang her several times:

I indicated that I was deaf and to text me. They
called my phone several times trying to confirm the order. It was handy ordering
online but when customer service refuses to respond via emails etc. It’s
mind boggling. I had a different service provider before, they had
excellent customer service but my new provider is a

She arranged a time for an installer to call and took time off work to be at home, but the installer didn’t turn up when they said they would.

They didn't come when I expected; wasted two days off

Emer relies on subtitles but can’t find reliable information about which programmes are subtitled:

The new one is not as clear as the old provider, I
don't know which programmes are

Having paid extra money to subscribe to HD channels, she is annoyed to find that subtitles are not available on them:

I wish my service provider would stop making excuses
about being unable to provide subtitles on HD - if other providers can, so can

And when subtitles are available, Emer sometimes finds that there are problems viewing them on recorded programmes:

I recorded some programmes on the box but the
subtitles often did not record well.