CP 4.6 – Provide Alt text for each image


For Office documents, you can add text alternatives by right-clicking the image and choosing ‘Edit Alt text’, or by selecting the image and clicking the ‘Alt Text’ icon on the ‘Picture Format’ ribbon.


If the image is purely decorative then mark it as decorative

    • For Office documents, you can specify decorative images by checking the “Mark as decorative” checkbox in the Alt Text pane. Note: although there will be no text in the textbox, it is essential that you check this checkbox as this communicates the image’s decorative nature to screen readers.

For all other instances, use alt text that accurately describes the content of the image.

Examples of good practice



An example of bad practice



WCAG 2.1

    • 1.1.1 Non-Text Content (A)

EN 301 549 v 2.1.2

    • Non-Text Content

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