Managing website accessibility

Reviewing website for accessibility

This page by the WAI is a good introduction and overview in plain English.

This page by WAI helps beginners start to assess the accessibility of a webpage. It covers a few accessibility issues and is designed to be quick and easy. Very good for beginners – user friendly and plain English.

Article in Web Fundamentals breaking down the issues to consider into a logical, step by step process for reviewing an existing site for accessibility.

Overview with pointers to address most critical issues that need to be addressed urgently.



AbilityNet Advice on what suppliers and buyers should remember to ensure digital accessibility.

NDA Guidelines on Procurement and Accessibility – Chapter 6. Procuring information and communication technology.


Website Accessibility Policy

How to develop a policy for creating, managing and delivering accessible websites

Four part guide to integrating accessibility throughout the web production process.


Introduction and explanation of why accessibility is essential for people with disabilities and useful for all.