DEV 2.4 Do not cause pop-ups or new windows to appear

Pop-ups and new windows are confusing and disorientating (and annoying) for all users. In particular, this can be a problem for users of adaptive technologies.

  • Do not cause pop-up windows to occur unless essential.
  • Forgivable usage - links to help information about the underlying page, for example on forms, but:
    • Always provide a warning on the link that a pop-up will result;
    • On the pop-up, always provide an explicit 'close' button;
    • The pop-up should avoid obscuring the original page - make it smaller.

What is so wrong with pop-ups?

They cause an unnecessary break in the typical page-based flow of information and, amongst other things, they:

  • Cause disorientation;
  • Disrupt the history of visited pages;
  • Break the 'back' button; and
  • Are often blocked by pop -up blockers

Poor: popup windows all over the place  If forced to use a popup then make it small, with a good title, and explicit close links  Good: link indicating popup by adding text (opens new window) and an illustrative icon