HTML Coding - Section 5

The aim is to separate content from presentation and write code that adheres to available published standards. This delivers many benefits, including:

  • Pages that should work on the maximum number of platforms and devices:
    • ...therefore pages will work for the maximum number of the potential audience;
  • Pages will be flexible enough to respond to audience needs:
    • e.g. simple change of text size in user-defined style sheets;
  • Pages will contain inherent structure and elements will have inherent meaning:
    • making them more machine readable and more easily understood by people;
  • Pages will essentially be self-documenting:
    • making them easier to modify in the future;
  • Pages will be easier to upgrade and easier to repurpose for emerging technologies and standards;
  • Pages will be easier to find and classify:
    • by both humans and machines.

In this section:

If you do not actually put pages into HTML, or are scared by code you may want to skip this section. ensure that whoever does prepare the pages implements the recommendations - they are vital for accessibility.

the majority of this is fairly straightforward. cut and paste examples are given where possible.