DEV 3.2 Provide additional navigational aids

Providing more than one route to information can improve the ease of use for people who browse in different ways and use different browsing technologies

  • Provide a site search (if appropriate):
    • Place it on every page and ensure it is visible without scrolling;
    • Provide an advanced search:
      • The advanced search form should permit complex searches without knowledge of syntax such as boolean logic.
  • Provide a site map/contents list.
  • Provide 'breadcrumb' navigation:
    • This provides information about where the current page is in the site structure and provides navigation to higher levels;
    • It is helpful to have a 'you are here' title to the breadcrumb:
      • This will help everyone understand what it is but can be particularly useful for screen reader users,
      • If necessary, the title can be hidden with CSS.
  • Provide within page 'contents' navigation:
    • Useful on long pages with good structure;
    • Insert 'Back to top' links where useful on long pages.

Good: Within page navigation - in this case pointing to main sections of a page   Good: Breadcrumb trail: home (a link) /> Health (a link) > Public Consultation (not a link) - shows hierarchy and provides navigation
Good: Search box with advanced search link