Fold-away oven door

The 'Slide and Hide' features of this Constructa-Neff oven enable the door to be tucked away underneath the oven, providing barrier-free access to the oven. The pull-out trays are fully self-supporting, and thus don't require the user to keep a hand on the tray at all times.

Universal Design features

This design allows for flexibility in use as the VarioClou pull-out system makes it possible to pull out the rack to season or remove the food with no danger of the rack tipping or dropping. Low physical effort is needed to pull out the tray. The oven can be equally accessed by people in a seated or standing position.
This oven design shows how a long established conventional design can be enhanced to improve:

  • Ease of use for a wider audience by reducing the physical effort required and the potential for accidents when pulling out a tray,
  • Access for a wheelchair user who may not have been able to safely and comfortably access food on a tray on a conventionally designed oven,
  • Safe use for a person with low physical strength for whom supporting a food tray while seasoning the food may have been difficult.
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