Through collaboration with the National Standards Authority Ireland (NSAI), the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design develops and promotes standards that advocate a Universal Design approach. These standards enable organisations to design and develop products and services that are accessible to diverse users regardless of their age, size, ability or disability.

The majority of standards have to be bought but some are available for free. Standards can be purchased by individuals or organisations. Some standards may also be available to students and lecturers through their Universities.

ISO 21542:2021 Building Construction - This International standard specifies a range of requirements and recommendations for the elements of construction, building assemblies, components, fittings and products that relate to the design and constructional aspects of usability and accessibility of buildings. For example, access to buildings, circulation within buildings, egress from buildings during normal conditions, and evacuation in the event of a fire.

I.S. 373:2013 Universal Design for Customer Engagement in Tourism Services - This Irish standard provides specifications for Universal Design for Customer Engagement in Tourism Services.

I.S. 374:2019 Customer Communications for Utilities - A Universal Design Approach - This Irish standard provides requirements and recommendations for the application of a Universal Design approach in the development and provision of customer communications for use with utility products and services.

ISO 21902:2021 Tourism and related services - This International standard establishes requirements and provides guidelines for “accessible tourism for all” with the aim of ensuring equal access and enjoyment of tourism by the widest range of people of all ages and abilities.

I.S. EN 17161: 2019 Design for All-Accessibility following a Design for All approach in products goods and services - Extending the range of users - This European standard enables businesses to apply a Universal Design approach for accessibility.

EN 301549: 2021 Accessibility requirements for ICT products and services - The European standard specifies the functional accessibility requirements applicable to ICT products and services, as well as a description of the testing procedures and assessment methodology for each accessibility requirement in a form suitable for use in public procurement in Europe.

I.S. EN 17478:2021Transport Services - Customer communications for passenger transport services - A Universal Design Approach - This Irish standard specifies requirements and recommendations for the planning, design, development and provision of user communications related to passenger transport so that these communications can be accessed, understood and used by the widest range of users, including persons with disabilities and older persons.