The Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (CEUD) at the National Disability Authority (NDA) has a remit to advance the promotion of Universal Design in education in Ireland. We work to integrate Universal Design as part of education programmes at Primary, Secondary, Third Level and in CPD. Programmes for younger learners also work to recognise the learning by the participating adults.

Integration of the Principles of Universal Design for more accessibility and usability helps to prioritise the needs of people with the more diverse abilities, characteristics and preferences, leading to the creation of design solutions that reduce barriers and help enable all people to participate as members of society.

Reports on Secondary Level programmes showcased here include:

  • The Big Idea Ideation Tool Project 2022-2023
  • Universal Design Short Course Project: Report on Phase 1


The Big Idea Ideation Tool Report 2022 – 2023

The Big Idea Ideation Tool Report 2022 – 2023

The Big Idea is a creative education programme for students in Transition Year and Leaving Cert Applied. During the Big Idea, students work in teams to respond to one of five socially conscious project briefs while also developing key skills in critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and communication.

The report linked above presents the outcomes from the Big Idea Ideation Tool Project 2022 – 2023. This project continued the development of the programme to add and integrate an ideation tool throughout the Big Idea in 2023. The ideation tool called the Creativity Card Kit is a physical deck of printed cards along with an accessible digital version.

Image of the Creativity Card Kit
Big Idea Creativity Card Kit



Universal Design Short Course Project: Report on Phase 1

Creating Design for our Tomorrows

This report presents the outcomes from Phase 1 of a project commissioned to develop a Short Course on Universal Design for use in 2nd Level Junior Cycle. The Short Course developed is called Creating Designs for our Tomorrows. It introduces students to design process activities and explores the positive contributions that design solutions based on a Universal Design approach can have on people and their environment.

Image displaying the short course curriculum in hexagon shaped text boxes and color coded to align with each strand of the course
Short Course Curriculum