Universal Design Walkability Audit Tool

Universal Design Walkability Audit Tool for Roads and Streets

In 2021, the National Transport Authority published a Universal Design Walkability Audit Tool. The Centre for Excellence in Universal Design advised on the development of this tool, along with Age Friendly Ireland and Green-Schools. The Universal Design Walkability Audit Tool can be used to capture the existing conditions of a specified walking route in relation to its walkability. Walkability is the extent to which the built environment is friendly to the presence of people walking, living, shopping, visiting, engaging or spending time in an area. The Audit is intended to be carried out by a wide range of people of various ages and abilities including disability and older people’s organisations, advocacy organisations, school travel planners, members of the public and Local Authority officers.

Audits will typically be carried out by a group of participants, working with a trained coordinator, such as those engaged with the Age Friendly Ireland or the Green-Schools Travel programmes.