14th April 2009

NDA annual Conference

LECTURE: "Introduction to Universal Design for Engineering"


Dublin 9


10:00am - 14th April 2009


12:00am - 14th April 2009

This guest lecture by the Centre's Senior ICT Design advisor, Dónal Rice, explored some of the ethical, professional and legal implications of Universal Design in the context of Engineering.

Students undertaking Dublin City University's (DCU) first year Engineering module on "Professional and Personal Skills" were briefly introduced to the concept of Universal Design, its history, principles, processes and practices.

The lecture explored:

  • Legislation and policy relevant to Universal Design
  • Questions of 'what is good design',
  • The implications, both ethical and finaicial, of excluding people from using goods and services,
  • And the qualities, professioanl and personal, required to become a champion and practioner of Universal Design.

Please contact us directly if you require Dónal's presentation is an alternate format.