CEN Workshop on 'Curriculum for training professionals in Universal Design for ICT'

The Centre for Excellence in Universal Design is pleased to announce its involvement in the launch of a CEN Workshop on 'Curriculum for training professionals in Universal Design'

The goal of this workshop is to specify and recommend a curriculum for training ICT professionals in the Universal Design approach. Universal Design (UD) aims to design ICT products and services so they can be used by everyone without the need for specialised solutions or adaptations regardless of a person’s age, environment, ability or disability. A crucial part of the approach is compliance with relevant standards and guidelines. It aims to develop technology that is robust, can be used on different platforms or in different contexts of use, as well as being usable by users with different skills.

In order for ICT industry to adopt UD principles, methods and solutions, the professionals involved will need to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. This is a crucial condition for an effective, as well as economic, change in management and production process in the ICT industry.

The UD curriculum to be specified by this CEN workshop shall identify the knowledge and skills that are necessary to successfully implement the UD approach in an ICT development process. The training guidelines shall reflect the special training needs of ICT professionals, the conditions and context of training for professionals, and the different needs of different professional roles in the ICT industry.


The kick-off meeting of the workshop will take place on 27 May 2009 in Brussels.Full details of the CEN Workshop are available on the CEN website.

What is a CEN Workshop

European Committee for Standardization (CEN) provides a platform for the development of European Standards and other technical specifications. ACEN Workshop Agreement is a consensus-based specification, drawn up in an open Workshop environment.