Dr Diana Anderson MD, MArch

Diana Anderson, MD, MArch, is a licensed architect (Order of Architects of Quebec, Member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, LEED AP) and a Physician trained in Internal Medicine.  As a "dochitect", Dr. Anderson combines educational and professional experience in both medicine and architecture in order to truly understand what is involved in medical planning and working within the healthcare environment. Dr. Anderson is currently a Medical Planner at Stantec Architecture in New York City. http://www.dochitect.com/

On Thursday 5th May 2016 Dr. Anderson gave a presentation about Evidence-Based Healthcare Design at the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design.

Dr Anderson's presentation looked at how hospitals and healthcare buildings can be designed from a Universal Design approach in order to:

- Improve care delivery and patient experience
- Prevent clinician burnout
- Integrate caregivers and family needs
- Foster interdisciplinary collaboration for improved care
- Address the changing practice of healthcare
- Apply design-thinking to medicine for enhanced efficiency

To view Dr Anderson's presentation click  here

Dr Anderson's live presentation can be viewed  here