Focused consultation on "Universal Design Guidelines for homes in Ireland" - open until Wednesday 5th February 2014

The Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (CEUD) at the National Disability Authority has prepared draft ‘Universal Design Guidelines for homes in Ireland' – in other words homes that can accommodate people of different ages, sizes abilities or disabilities, and are readily adaptable to changing needs over the lifecycle. The Guidelines are intended to inform national policy and new home design.

We developed the Guidelines by

  • Reviewing national and international best practice, research and guidance in home design
  • Formal consultation, including two workshops with a diverse range of stakeholders

We would now like to get your feedback on the draft Guidelines by Wednesday 5h of February 2014 before 5pm, after which they will be finalised in the light of feedback received.

The draft Guidelines has four individual sections. Technical information and guidance is set out both in text format and in photos or drawings.

When commenting on specific technical information or a section, please refer to the section of the document, the page number, the specific paragraph, and by number to any specific photo/technical drawing that you are commenting on (e.g. Section 1 ‘Home Location and Approach’ p. 24, 2nd paragraph or Photo 06 p. 28).

For any queries, or to submit your feedback by e-mail - please contact info@ceud.Ie and include the subject line ‘Public Consultation on Draft UD Guidelines for Homes’.

You can post consultation feedback to;
Neil Murphy MRIAI, Senior Built Environment Advisor, Centre for Excellence in Universal Design, National Disability Authority, Clyde Road, Dublin 4, again using the subject line ‘Public Consultation on Draft UD Guidelines for Homes’.

Universal Design Guidelines for Homes in Ireland

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Consultation form - please return by Wednesday 5th February 2014

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If you encounter an accessibility difficulties with these documents, please contact us at info@ceud.Ie.