NDA Research Promotion Scheme (Universal Design) 2017 Award of Funding

The NDA is pleased to announce the award of funding to two applicants under the Research Promotion Scheme (Universal Design) 2017. The theme of this scheme is “progressing lifetime communities through universal design.”

The successful applicants are Dr Helen Lynch, School of Occupation Science & Occupational Therapy University College Cork and Jane O’Flynn, Nimbus Centre, Cork Institute of Technology.

Helen Lynch and her team will investigate the application of universal design principles to outdoor parks and playgrounds. This project will conduct research with children of diverse abilities and disabilities and their families to garner insights into the experiences and barriers to the use of public parks and playgrounds. The research will focus on parks managed by Cork City Council. This research will contribute to the development of national guidelines on designing for play in public parks and playgrounds.

Jane O’Flynn will lead a project that will investigate the universal design of fall detection technologies in the smart home and their impact on lifetime communities. The investigation will be conducted in partnership with two providers of smart home technologies: Amicitia (a socially inclusive social enterprise based in Athenry) and its subsidiary Independent Living Ireland. By providing insights into the user experience of fall detection technologies in the smart home and community this research will inform universal design initiatives to improve fall detection technology.