The National Disability Authority (NDA) has developed a draft Code of Practice on Accessible Public Buildings following the request of the Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth. This Code of Practice has been developed under Section 25 of the Disability Act which states that: "public bodies shall ensure that its public buildings are, as far as practicable, accessible to persons with disabilities.".

We want to hear your feedback on the Draft Code of Practice on Accessible Public Buildings.

This public consultation gives you the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft Code of Practice on Accessible Public Buildings and become involved in the development process by submitting your views to us.

We welcome feedback from persons with disabilities, their families and advocates, Disabled Persons Organisations (DPO’s), organisations who represent persons with disabilities, and all members of the public who have an interest in the accessibility of public buildings.

As this Code of Practice will apply to all public buildings owned, managed or controlled by a public body, we also wish for feedback from public bodies. We especially wish to learn the thoughts of those staff members who have a role in planning, design, construction, management or maintenance of public buildings and those who are responsible for ensuring and reporting on corporate compliance.

We will carefully assess all feedback received and use it in the process of finalising the Code of Practice on Accessible Public Buildings.

For further information please refer to Draft Code of Practice for Accessible Public Buildings