Appendix A: Supplier Statement of Accessibility Capacity

The Tenderer shall indicate which of the following statement best describes his capacity and experiences.

Level of Supplier’s Accessibility Capacity

Brief comments to support statement

1) The tenderer has not come across accessibility issues and has no particular knowledge of accessibility issues.


2) The tenderer is aware of the need for accessibility, but the issue is not a corporate priority. The supplier has not found sufficient customer demand to acquire a basic knowledge. If an accessibility problem arises, it will be solved from scratch.


3) The tenderer is aware of accessibility and is to some extent prepared for action. The actions will, however, be taken on an ad hoc basis. The supplier may know of accessibility guidelines and has contact with accessibility expertise externally or upstream in the company. 


4) The tenderer has competence and an organisational unit at its disposal, either internally or externally. There is a commitment by the top management level to promote accessibility. Usability knowledge is applied. One or more staff members may be assigned to monitor the field of accessibility and have basic knowledge of the field. Access to further expertise may exist upstream in the company, or the supplier may have an agreement with an external expert who can act as a subcontractor.


5) Accessibility is one of the activities of the tenderer. A corporate policy on accessibility is established, enforced and well-known by the staff. A competent organisation unit is established in-house. Accessibility guidelines are well-known and applied.


Indicate level of Accessibility Capability

(1-5 – choose one value only)