On 28th June 2022, we hosted a webinar with architect Rodd Bond, who was the guest chair of the 2022 RIAI Universal Design Award subgroup. 

You can watch the recording of this webinar below. ISL interpretation and captions are included. 

Following this webinar, you should have:

  • An understanding of the importance of the project brief for universal design and inclusivity
  • An awareness of evolving approaches in housing across the continuum of need
  • An understanding of the inter-relationship between environmental quality and service culture in delivering sustainable housing solutions

    Rodd Bond, MRIAI

From 2006 to 2019, Rodd was programme director of the Netwell Centre, within the School of Health and Science at Dundalk Institute of Technology in Ireland. Rodd graduated in architecture from Oxford Brookes University in 1982 launching a career that has spanned hospital master planning and design (CRI Ltd, USA), spatial resource management (founder of FMW Ltd, Ireland) and ageing-and-place research and innovation (Netwell). Rodd’s core interest is understanding the interrelationship between environmental structure and peoples’ health and wellbeing. Rodd was very involved in the WHO’s age-friendly cities movement from its inception, and is committed to improving peoples’ quality of life through place-making, service improvement and social innovation. Rodd supported the European Commission and its partners in the development of the first Action Plan for Innovations in Age-Friendly Buildings, Cities and Environments, within the European Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing. Since 2019, Rodd has been working independently across architectural research, policy and practice, with a focus on inclusivity and inter-generational solidarity.

Designing for our Future Selves Together Evolving Approaches for Inclusive Housing