1.9 Ensure that all outputs under the control of the device can be perceived by users with restricted or no hearing


  • Rationale for this guideline.
  • Directions and techniques for Ensuring outputs can be perceived with restricted hearing.
  • How to check Ensuring outputs can be perceived with restricted hearing.

Users who are deaf or hard of hearing should be able to perceive all of the outputs from the terminal. The outputs include any information that is presented and any physical items that are delivered, such as tickets, cash, receipts and returned cards.

Where possible, audible information should be delivered in a form that users who are hard of hearing can hear. Where this is not possible, or for users who are profoundly deaf, an alternative form that they can perceive should be made available and it should provide the same information.

Hearing impaired users should also be able to notice when any delivered outputs have appeared and where. Preferably, they should be able to anticipate exactly when and where the delivered outputs will appear, so that they can be ready to grasp them as soon as possible.