Retrieving Output

Retrieving items from a terminal can be very difficult for people with poor manual dexterity and persons with low vision. Often more time is needed, and retrieval points need to be clearly indicated and within reach for wheelchair users.

Cash, receipts or any other document issued from the terminal for withdrawal by the user should protrude at least 3cm beyond the slot surround. Plastic cards are usually easier to retrieve and so should protrude by at least 2cm.

smart card terminal

Ensure that cards protrude at least 2cm from the surrounding slot.


Flexible output (such as tickets) should protrude by at least 3cm.

Persons with poor manual dexterity often find that taking a card from a terminal and then taking the money is difficult to do in the allowed time. Increasing the time for everybody also increases the security risk. However, it would be possible to let users decide if they want more time than the norm and store this requirement on their card.

Many people with arthritis have difficulty in gripping and pulling the card from the reader, particularly when the arm is extended above the horizontal. The card should protrude at least 2cm from the slot surround. It is recommended that the force necessary for the user to retrieve the card from the terminal should be not any greater than that needed to stop the card from falling out of the reader.

The following are key accessibility considerations:

  • Ensure documents protrude by at least 3cm and cards by at least 2cm;
  • Ensure minimum force is needed to withdraw documents and cards.

More detailed information is provided in the Guideline on Retrieving Output.