1.5 Ensure that the device can be operated using only one hand

If a user has use of only one hand, they should still be able to operate all the functions of the telephone without requiring assistance.


Users often have no use of one of their hands, either due to a physical disability or because they are using it to operate or hold onto something else, such as a computer keyboard, pen, child, shopping bag, physical support or a purse containing their valuables. It should still be possible for them to use the telephone without having to let go of any of these things.

Directions and Techniques

Ensure that all parts can rest on a level surface

For telephones consisting of a base unit containing the keypad and a separate handset, it should be possible to rest the handset on a level surface while dialling a number on the keypad. It should also be possible to leave the base unit on a level surface While using the handset.

How you could check for this:

There are no specific test methods recommended for this guideline.