In 2012, the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) announced the planned deployment of electricity and gas smart meters across Ireland between 2016 and 2019. As part of this smart meter rollout, all household customers were to receive an In-Home Display capable of displaying near real-time information on their energy consumption.

These Technical Guidelines provide developers, designers, manufacturers and regulators of In-Home Displays with technical guidance on the Universal Design of In-Home Displays. They have been developed following a 3-stage research process which comprised a Literature Review, Usability Testing and Stakeholder Consultations. The content provided in the Technical Guidelines is based on international standards, guidelines and best practice.

The implementation of these technical guidelines should ensure that In-Home Displays are easy to access, understand and use by the broad range of people who will use them to manage their energy budgets. In Ireland this will range from young to older people, many of whom will have specific needs and difficulties.

Final Technical Guidelines for the Universal Design of In Home Displays

Guidance on Smart Metering Systems for Ireland

In Home Display Research Report

Universal Design of In-Home Displays