Innovation Lead Design for Competitive Advantage

The NSAI and NDA/CEUD Forum took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Northwood on the evening of Wednesday, 14th March 2012.

This was a unique chance for practitioners, entrepreneurs, engineers, manufacturers, architects, innovators and legislators to meet and engage with the members of the International CommitteeISO IEC JTAG Guide 71on the development of standards for products, services and environments that are more accessible and usable.

3 International key speakers addressed the “Carrot and Stick” drivers that are backing the movement toward more Universal Design related standards with examples of new mandates, guidance and latest research.

An International Panel of experts along with Sean McNulty [Innovator, Dolmen Associates] answered questions from the audience and discussed the future of innovation and business advantage through user focused design practices and resources.

Speakers were:

Alex Li, Senior Computing Strategist, Microsoft Corporation, USA

James Hubbard, Senior Design Advisor, Centre for Excellence in Universal Design, Ireland

Prof. Matthew Parkinson, Director Centre for Research in Design & Innovation, USA

Panel of Experts: Sean McNulty , Innovator, Dolmen Associates , Ireland & Panel of experts from the representative countries on the ISO IEC JTAG Guide 71 committee