All toilets should, wherever possible, be freely accessed to preserve the dignity and privacy of users. Some people need to use toilets more frequently than others, and some with a greater sense of urgency. Having to locate a key or member of staff will delay access, which is inconvenient and may cause unnecessary discomfort. It should be easy for users to access a Changing Places Toilet, without having to overcome complex security arrangements.

The location of a Changing Places Toilet should be selected to minimise the security arrangements necessary to access the Changing Places Toilet and to facilitate that a Changing Places Toilet remains unlocked during standard opening times. A Changing Places Toilet that is in a staffed facility should be kept unlocked when not in use.

In some cases, it may be necessary to lock a Changing Places Toilet, for example in remote locations to prevent un-authorised access.  For further information on managing access into Changing Places Toilets and the provision of security arrangements refer to Section 8.3