Information about the Changing Places Toilet at the venue, including good signage to make it easy to find, will enhance the overall visitor experience. Information should be made available as part of the overall accessible visitor handbook and at reception areas as well as key information points around the building or facility. 

Information on Changing Places Toilets should be provided at events and festivals also. Where mobile Changing Places Toilets are provided at events, sufficient information for eventgoers should be provided to ensure an inclusive visitor experience. An information checklist is provided below:

8.2.1 Information at and inside the Changing Places Toilet

  • Well-designed signage and wayfinding to locate the Changing Places Toilet
  • Opening hours, security and how to gain access to the Changing Places Toilet (unlocked, key, or other). Refer to Section 8.3 Accessibility and Security for further information
  • Instructions for all equipment that is operable by switches and controls and what types of slings are compatible with the hoist
  • Contact details for facility management, operational emergencies and in the event of accidents, including a protocol of who to contact in the event of the room or equipment needing maintenance or repairs 
  • Cleaning schedule – showing the last time the facility was cleaned