Organisations providing a new Changing Places Toilet should promote the facility to raise awareness within the community.  Pre-visit information allows people to plan their journey in advance. It is widely recognised that providing pre-visit information enhances the overall visit experience for everyone. It is particularly important for disabled people and their Personal Assistants/Carers to have pre-visit information, as it cannot always be assumed that sanitary facilities to meet their needs will be available. 

8.1.1 Registration of Changing Places Toilets

A national voluntary register of Changing Places Toilets is maintained by Changing Places Ireland. A national map of Changing Places Toilets locations is provided on their website as well as a link to each Changing Places Toilet. Registering a Changing Places Toilet on this website allows end-users to identify where Changing Places Toilets and ‘step-down’ facilities are provided throughout the country and it provides detailed pre-visit information on the design and equipment in place at each of the Changing Places Toilets. A Changing Places Toilet should be registered on this website as it ensures all information is available in one location. The website is very beneficial as it provides direct links to individual websites and facility contacts for each Changing Places Toilet. 

To voluntarily register a Changing Places Toilet, contact Changing Places Ireland.