Verbal Communication Design Questions

The following questions support you in the development of spoken and signed designs for customer communication:


  1. Do you provide the same information in different formats, such as through text or images?
  2. Do you provide spoken information in plain English?
  3. Do your services work with assistive technology products and services?
  4. Is information presented in order of importance?
  5. Are options presented in a clear and concise way?
  6. Is content presented in a way that is easy to understand and use?
  7. Is the person familiar with the words and symbols you are using?
  8. Where appropriate is the person offered information in different languages?


Customer engagement and outcomes can be enhanced through considerations such as:

  1. Have you directly involved members of the public in the process of design, development and testing (especially customers that might normally be excluded)?
  2. Have you used specialised resources to represent a wide range of customer abilities and preferences in the process?
  3. Has your organisation implemented a policy to promote Universal Design and conduct training to optimise customer communication?