Human body size is an important consideration in design, whether of products, workspaces or the built environment. Body size should also be central in the specification of, and eventual selection of personal everyday products, shared equipment such as public furniture, that are purchased for use in homes, workspaces or public places and spaces. To be as inclusive as possible with design and to meet the needs of all users, regardless of size, shape or capability, designers need to consider body size and shape.

The "Universal Design Information Sheets on Body Size" linked below provide selected data and methods as guidance for designers and purchasers on how to consider and apply a range of human body size and shape in their work to achieve more Universal Designs.

Project Overview






The ISO 7250 series of standards are the main reference for designers on anthropometry. The CEUD Universal Design Guideline on Body Size project helped to inform the development of “ISO 7250-3:2015 Basic human body measurements for technological design — Part 3: Worldwide and regional design ranges for use in product standards”.

The full report and the information sheets are available in a printable PDF upon request from or +353 (0)1 6080 456.