A colostomy changing shelf should be provided near the WC pan and another shelf should be provided near the changing bench to allow Personal Assistants/Carers to easily reach items such as catheters, pads, PPE, colostomy items and other personal care items. Shelving should not be positioned in such a way as to impede Personal Assistants/Carers being able to safely operate the hoist or attend to the person on the changing bench. The location of the shelves is represented in Figure 1, Figure 3, Figure 4 and Figure 5.

The shelf dimensions are 125mm to 150mm deep by 400mm minimum wide with its surface 950mm above floor level.

A minimum of two clothing hooks should also be provided at 1050mm and 1400mm above floor level. For placement of all accessories refer to Figure 1, Figure 3 and Figure 6.