A continuous charging full-ceiling coverage track should be provided within the Changing Places Toilet that conforms to ‘I.S. EN ISO 10535:2021 Hoists for the transfer of persons: Requirements and test methods’. Ceiling mounted mechanical and electrical fittings should not obstruct the moving rail of the overhead hoist.


The room structure and hoist system should be capable of supporting a safe working load of not less than 200kg. The hoist, the washbasin and the changing bench should have the same lifting load to prevent a mismatch of safe lifting loads. 

A Changing Places Toilet is not suitable for Bariatric use where the turning space and load-bearing capabilities are required to be considerably more onerous. It is necessary to obtain specialist advice for such use.

A minimum clear ceiling height of 2400mm should be provided. This is to accommodate the ceiling hoist space whilst providing clear headroom between the hoist track/rails and the floor level, which should be no less than 2100mm. 

The hoist spreader bar should be capable of extending from the hoist down to no more than 300mm from the floor level to facilitate a person being lifted from ground level if required in an emergency.

This type of track system is typically a H-frame, and it should provide full room cover.

The handset controls for the hoist should visually contrast against the background on which they are seen.

Clear and visual hoist instructions should be provided for the hoist attachment, control, and use.

Hoist signage should include the following:

  • Safety features such as maximum load weight, production certification such as CE markings, date of last service (typically provided on a sticker by an equipment service engineer)

The following additional hoist provisions should be considered in consultation with users: 

  • Hoist Attachment – a spreader bar attachment: 

Some wheelchair users may have different types of slings (loop and clipped) which can be accommodated for with different hoist attachments such as a spreader bar. 

  • Hoist Attachment – a weighing scales attachment: 

Some wheelchair users find it difficult to record their weight at home, and this hoist attachment could be of benefit.


6, The main benefit of this system is that charging the hoist motor unit can take place anywhere along the rail as the charging connections are located within the track.