An emergency alarm with two pull cords should be provided within the Changing Places Toilet. This will allow the user or Personal Assistant/Carer to call for help if needed. These need to be carefully positioned to avoid obstructing the operation of the overhead hoist. 

The two alarm pull cords should have two red 50mm diameter bangles, one at 100 mm above floor level and the other at 800mm to 1000mm above floor level. This allows for the cord to be reachable by a person who has fallen to the floor, as well as someone seated or standing. For positioning of the two alarm pull cords refer to Figure 1, Figure 3 and Figure 4.

A reset button should be provided in the position shown in Figure 1, Figure 4 and Figure 3. The lower end of the reset button should be located 800mm above floor level. 

There should be visual and audible indicators at a central control point to alert staff that an emergency call has been activated. Additionally, there should be a visual and audible indicator provided directly outside the Changing Places Toilet so it can be seen and heard by people to give assistance. The sound should be distinguishable from the fire alarm sound. 

Ensure that early planning takes place to ensure the alarms are fully integrated into the overall operational strategy for the facility (for example the alerts are sent to staffed areas and that staff are provided with training on how to assist). 

Instructions on what to do in the event of triggering the emergency alarm and the information about emergency assistance process should be provided on clear signage.