The main benefit of installing a shower in a Changing Places Toilet is to allow people to wash after using the WC or whilst getting changed at the facility, for example at a leisure centre or swimming pool. 

A shower is not required in all Changing Places Toilets. A shower is required in a Changing Places Toilet where sanitary facilities combining showers and WCs are provided for use by people other than staff, for example in sports and leisure centres. 

The provision of a shower in a Changing Places Toilet in other facilities where it is not required should be informed by user consultation and consideration of the nature and use of the building. 

Where a shower is provided, the shower controls should be easy to use and capable of being operated with a closed fist, for example with a lever handle operation. The markings on the shower control should be logical and clear. The shower control should be located within the range of 750 to 1,000mm above floor level.

The shower rail should be located adjacent to the changing bench. A vertical mounting bar and adjustable bracket should be provided to allow for the shower head to be mounted in the range of 1,050 to 1,850mm. The showerhead should be detachable and mounted on a flexible hose. The hose should be at least 2m long to allow for use on the changing bench. The temperature of the water should be adjustable, and the shower thermostat should have a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

When installing a shower into a Changing Places Toilet, the changing bench should have a water collection tray with an integral wastewater outlet, plug and hose. The floor should be self-draining and the gradient for the shower drain should be 1:50 or less steep. The position of the shower drain should be co-ordinated with the position of the hose outlet on the changing bench and to avoid the hose causing an obstruction when the changing bench is folded up. Any drainage grating should be designed to not pose the risk of castor wheel, cane, or wheelchairs becoming caught. 

A Changing Places Toilet with a shower will need regular cleaning as wet floors may prevent people from using it. The changing bench also needs to be dried before dressing, and therefore users should be reminded to bring their own towels.