Timed lighting should not be used in a Changing Places Toilet. 

Down lighters should not be installed within 600mm of the ends of the changing bench within the areas where a person lying on the table will be looking directly towards the ceiling. 

Lighting should be positioned to avoid creating shadows, glare, and reflections. Ceiling lights and other mechanical fittings should be shallow or recessed and positioned away from the ceiling track to avoid causing a hoist obstruction. 

Lighting should be suitable for a ‘wet room’ environment. 

The lux levels when the lighting is fully on should be between 200 and 300 lux, measured at floor level. Lighting should be evenly distributed throughout the room.

Ultraviolet light should be avoided in Changing Places Toilets as it reduces lighting levels and visual contrast. 

The provision of lighting that allows for variable lighting levels in the room should be considered, as it may benefit some neurodiverse people.