A mirror should be installed over the washbasin with the lower end of the mirror at maximum 900mm above floor level. The mirror should have an overall length of at least 900mm. Some height-adjustable washbasins have an integrated mirror installed above the washbasin, which allows the height of both the mirror and washbasin to adjust simultaneously. 

A wall-mounted full-length mirror with unobstructed access should also be provided in a Changing Places Toilet, to enable both seated and standing users to view themselves. The full-length mirror should be at least 600mm wide and should be positioned with its lower edge at 600mm above floor level, extending to at least 1800mm from floor level. A mirror should not extend to floor level as it can be susceptible to damage by wheelchair footrests. Additionally, a mirror which extends to floor level can create a false impression of being a door or wall opening. 

A minimum gap of 300mm should be provided between the mirror and the corner of the room, to allow for ease of use for all users.