A soap dispenser should be positioned directly above the washbasin. If a wall-mounted mirror is provided, a soap dispenser should have its lower edge at 1000mm above floor level, to allow for a sufficient gap to be maintained when the wash basin is at its highest position (850mm) and for easy operation by seated and standing users. If a height-adjustable washbasin with an integrated mirror is installed, a soap-dispenser mounted on the mirror will move simultaneously with the height-adjustable washbasin. 

An automated sensor soap dispenser should be provided as it requires low physical effort. Alternatively, the soap dispenser should be easy to operate with one hand.

Pump dispensers which require fine motor movement and force should not be installed.

Whilst hand sanitiser is not a requirement, it is good practice to provide it for hand hygiene. It should be dispensed by the same low-effort mechanism as the soap dispenser.