To cater for both standing and seated users, a power-operated, height-adjustable washbasin[1] should be provided. Refer to Figure 6 for the clear circulation space required around the washbasin. The circulation space around the washbasin begins at each side of the washbasin where the washbasin abuts the wall. 

An electronically height-adjustable range of 600mm to 850mm above floor level should be provided and the knee recess under the basin should be free of obstructions. The height-adjustment mechanism should include a pressure sensitive safety override that will prevent the washbasin from lowering if there is any obstruction underneath.

A minimum washbasin size of approximately 500mm wide by 450mm deep is required, to enable people to have a full body wash, or to wash personal care equipment. The drawings in these guidelines show an indicative overall washbasin depth of 650mm, which includes the washbasin and its height-adjustable bracket. Should the installed washbasin and bracket be deeper than this, the overall width of the room will need to increase, in order to maintain the 2,350mm deep clear circulation space at the WC pan.   

Vertical grabrails should be provided adjacent to the washbasin to provide support and allow a person to stabilise themselves at the washbasin. They may be used by some people to pull themselves up to standing. The top fixings for both handrails should be 1,400mm above floor level. Refer to Figure 6 for further details on the location of vertical grab rails on both sides of the washbasin.

The washbasin should have a power-operated height-adjustable control that is visually contrasting. If controls of the washbasin have a remote control, there should be a bracket to hang the remote control. This is typically attached to the washbasin or can be a wall-hung bracket adjacent to the washbasin.

An automatically controlled tap or a tap capable of being operable with a closed fist, such as a long lever tap, should be provided. The washbasin and tap should visually contrast with the background on which they are seen.

There should be waterproof, wall-mounted instructions for operating the washbasin, which are easy to understand, using suitable pictograms.

Figure 6 Changing Places Toilet Washbasin and Fittings


A. Vertical grabrail ∅ diameter 35mm

B. Clothes hooks

C. Height0adjustable washbasin

D. Mirror above washbasin

E. Full-length mirror

F. Automatic hand dryer

G. Soap dispenser

H. Paper towel dispenser

I. Disposal bin. 

Note: All dimensions in millimetres.

Image 9 Example of a height-adjustable washbasin, courtesy of Kildare County Council




5. The height-adjustable basin and bench must be CE marked in compliance with relevant EU Directives and standards for example, Directive 2006 / 42 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006 on machinery and amending Directive 95 / 16 / EC (recast).They should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and positioned to avoid entrapment or injury.