Specific topics in digital accessibility

Best practices for making Word documents accessible – in Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows 10 app and Web. Information on Accessibility checker.

Factsheet containing helpful tips on improving accessibility of publications for both print and reading online.


Webaim articlesWebAim logo


Emphasises starting with an accessible native document, links to further resources in Adobe

Using the Make Accessible Wizard, the full check and the accessibility checker report.






Accessible Videos

Benefits of accessible video and steps to creating accessible video – good for non-technical information and explanations


Mobile Apps

Collection of blogs and resources about how mobile developers can improve accessibility on mobile devices.

Article on why mobile app accessibility is important and checklist detailing six inclusive design best practices for native apps.

Information on how WCAG 2.0 can be applied to mobile web content, apps both native and hybrid and links to further resources

Guide to methodology for evaluating the accessibility of mobile websites and native apps.

Factsheets on accessibility issues with checklist that can be used by content managers or developers.

Videos with step-by-step instructions on coding accessibly.

 Digital accessibility companies

NDA does not endorse or recommend any Digital Accessibility Companies. The following list is an incomplete listing maintained by Digital Ally