The minimum provisions of TGD M 2022 require a wall-mounted adult-sized, height-adjustable, changing bench[1], with a clear unobstructed circulation space in front of the changing bench as per Figure 2 and Figure 5

The height-adjustable changing bench should have a changing surface which is a minimum of 1800mm in length by 800mm wide with a minimum certified weight capacity of 200kg. The height adjustment mechanism for wall-mounted benches should be mains powered and include a pressure sensitive safety override that will prevent the changing bench from lowering if there is any obstruction underneath.

The changing bench should have a minimum range of height adjustment from 450mm to 900mm above floor level.

It should have retractable side safety rails along the long edge(s) that can be folded up or down. Instructions should be provided on how to adjust the rails and the height of the changing bench.

Where a shower facility is being provided, a suitable changing bench should be provided with provision for wastewater disposal.

A vertical grab rail should be provided 150mm from the front edge of the changing bench at the available wall side as per Figure 5.

Changing bench material should be comfortable, easily wipeable and non-porous to support infection control. For example, some changing benches are padded for cushioning effect and some products have adjustable surfaces/inclined backs to prop a person’s head and/or back on the bench which can assist with dressing.

Downlighters are not to be fitted directly above the last 600mm of the head or foot of the changing bench.

Providing a wall-mounted changing bench will ensure that the bench cannot be removed from the Changing Places Toilet and will be the most suitable option in most public buildings.



4. The height-adjustable basin and bench must be CE marked in compliance with relevant EU Directives and standards for example, Directive 2006 / 42 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006 on machinery and amending Directive 95 / 16 / EC (recast).They should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and positioned to avoid entrapment or injury.